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Mega Goat Farming :

The live stock farm company is started with a dream to use the available resources of the desert and provide a self dependent respectful life for the rural people. It is a kind of cooperative organization, where the owners not only provide the business opportunity to rural population of the Thar Desert but guide them to breed the best live stock to get maximum possible benefits from the limited resources. The company is headed by a social volunteer who is born in the local family and bears great respect among the people of the surrounding area. An area around 133 acre has been converted into a basic live stock farm where basically two breeds of goats can be seen being breaded around the year. The pure bread male and female goats of SIROHI and SOJAT bread is available in thousands around the year.

Mega Goat Farming is situated in Nayi Bazar(Khesuwa) Chhawani -Basti,U.P. INDIA, where we offer a variety of services ranging from boarding to breeding of Sirohi and Sojat goats (RAJASTHAN).

We have chosen to raise full-blooded goats. Originating from India. Sirohi, Sojat and other Indian breeds of goats are known for their size and quality of meat and milk.

Goat Breeding Care:

It should be planned to obtain 3 kidding in 2 years period by adopting optimal management conditions. For every 25 does one buck should be provided in one breeding season. Breed the animals 12 hours after the onset of the first symptoms of heat for maximum conception. Unreadable animals must be examined thoroughly as directed by veterinary doctor for prompt elimination of causes for anoestrus or cull them if necessary.

Care of Goats during pregnancy:

In advanced stage of pregnancy the does must be transferred to either kidding pens or separately earmarked space for kidding with in the main shed after thoroughly disinfecting it. After kidding, the does should be provided with warm bran mash for two days.

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